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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Hot dogs

These last few warm days, we have found ourselves often stumbling over the prostrate body of Doggy, who stretches herself out in shady parts of the house in an effort to feel cooler. This hot weather is, I feel, quite enervating. I feel disinclined to play badminton, do the gardening, etc until the evening, as everything seems to be too much effort in the day. This very hot weather seems to come more and more frequently now and we are beginning to take more seriously our plans to move north if we can when the younger people leave school. (Seven years' time - no need to rush).

This morning I found a baby wren flopped on the lawn, seemingly unable to fly. Its mother was cheeping loudly, which was what had drawn my attention to it. I put it in an abandoned tray of celery seedings and left it up in an apple tree in the hope that it would escape Doggy's attentions. I hope it is able to survive with a bit more feeding from its parents but I do fear the worst.

I've just been told my Sunday lunch has arrived on the table so I must sign off now.


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