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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Up for sale

I went to the library today and the librarian told me that my neighbour's house is for sale. We are all outraged at this (can you tell I live in a village?). The reason for this sensation of outrage is that she only bought the house three months ago, for £265,000 and now it's on for £365,000. She knocked an internal wall down, installed a new kitchen and bathroom and let the garden go to rack and ruin (which she's now trying to rectify). I had a chat with my neighbour at the weekend and she breathed not a word of her plans.

We feel that behaving in such a blatantly speculative fashion is not quite the thing. It just seems wrong. Anyway, it's very unlikely her audacious asking price, or anything approaching it, will be realised.


On an unrelated matter, I feel frustrated at my inability to leave a comment on one of my favourite blogs, namely www.rereviewed.com. I have tried to leave a comment with rogue semiotics and failed on several occasions now. I am starting to get misgivings that maybe I am being filtered out as unworthy.

You will be pleased to know that the badminton is coming on apace. I sawed down a few branches from our apple trees and there is a lot more space now. I could almost convince myself that I am thinner. I even did a little skipping for a couple of minutes, after which I was exhausted.


  • At 16 July, 2005 22:20, Blogger Nick said…

    Irene - I've been having the same problem with the Deep North for some time - suggest you email Jonathan & ask him to disentangle your comment from the blizzard of poker-related spam they're drowning in.

  • At 18 July, 2005 23:26, Blogger Irene Adler said…

    Thanks Nick for your advice. I will endeavour to find a way to comment but I don't think it will be via e-mail, as I am a blogger stranger and not among his acquaintance. (Unusually - you all seem to know one another, I note).

  • At 19 July, 2005 23:15, Blogger Nick said…

    Irene - oddly, I've never knowingly met Jonathan, though The Lady Novelist & Northern Professor are old & dear friends. (I'd actually assumed you must know them too . . . how odd). I'll try to encourage them to do something about the spam filters though.

  • At 20 July, 2005 14:23, Blogger Irene Adler said…

    Nick, it's interesting, I think, to know which of the people who leave comments are known and which are unknown to the blogger. Unlike you, I am not sure that I want people I actually know to read my blog, so although I'm not keeping it a secret, I'm not advertising it (among my friends/colleagues, etc) either.

    I only found the Deep North site when I was following a link on Google about Eric Ravilious. In fact I'd never even heard of blogs before that, and wondered what on earth I had stumbled on!

    It would be flattering to be identified as not spam, so please do your best and thank you for your good offices.

  • At 21 July, 2005 17:32, Blogger Nick said…

    Irene - it's always exceptionally pleasing when a complete stranger leaves a comment. The blog actually grew out of an occasional email I used to send to friends in London keeping them up to date with news in Cumbria after I moved back there: I had a horror of simply falling off people's social horizons. I've not knowingly advertised it to friends in Cumbria. But I think most bloggers are indeed reluctant to let their friends know about their creations. But then how would you feel about a friend reading a diary?


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