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Friday, July 08, 2005

Only yesterday.

Watching the news on television, I was for a moment uncertain when the London bombings had actually taken place. Despite it being only yesterday, it seemed to me that much more time had elapsed since the atrocities. I think there has been so much spoken about these events that for me their chronology has become confused.

I would like the London bloggers to post soon, as I worry about why they haven't written since before yesterday. Although I wouldn't know any of the bloggers from a bar of soap, reading their words every day ties me to them in a small way. I also know that it is surely far more dangerous to travel anywhere by car than to travel on public transport in London.

Watching the news on television, young Mr Campbell quite rightly asked, "Why on earth are the leaders driving about in RangeRovers, while attending talks on climate change?" (He also noticed, as did www.blue-witch.co.uk , that the contact number for the London emergency had an expensive 0870 code).


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