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Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Take a look at my Little Gems.

We had one of these in our salad tonight, with Waitrose cucumber and Lidl sun-dried tomatoes. Maybe we could have had our own cucumber, but I never got round to buying the seeds. And the tomatoes are currently only about six inches high, just out of the picture.

You should keep your Little Gems well watered, I've been advised, or they will bolt. We've got very chalky, well-drained soil, and I don't think I've done the watering well enough or often enough. I don't like the look of the yellow hose snaking across my lovely green lawn. And I'm not carting watering cans all the way up to the vegetable plot. The plants must take their chances, like the rest of us, is what I say.



  • At 25 June, 2008 16:02, Anonymous Blue Witch said…

    Do you know what to do if they do start to bolt? If you don't - well, pick out the centres, right back hard to the base, and they should resprout. We often use little gems as 'cut and come again' lettuce types.

  • At 14 July, 2008 19:34, Blogger Irene Adler said…

    blue witch - no I didn't know that, so thank you, I shall act on your advice if they start to get carried away.


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