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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Journey to the north

Just to show that my close up photography has plenty of room to improve, here is my attempt at capturing digitally the famous monkey orchid of hereabouts.

It is really quite like a pink monkey, if you have a vivid imagination. There were loads of them, which is good as they are s'posed to be uncommon.

There were lady orchids too, and one that I thought was a military orchid (half-close your eyes and you see a soldier). However, blogger didn't want me to show these at present, so I will try again later. I read somewhere on the internet that possibly the "military" one is really a hybrid of the other two, the lady being the mummy, naturally.

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  • At 23 June, 2008 20:21, Anonymous Blue Witch said…

    Yesterday, while visiting some Open Gardens, there was a bee orchid that had jsut appeared in the middle of someone's lawn. I thought of you!

  • At 24 June, 2008 22:30, Blogger Irene Adler said…

    I've only seen a bee orchid once, and that was last year.

    I've been looking out for them on the orchid slope nearby but no joy yet.


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