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Tuesday, June 17, 2008

My second beautiful warping mill.

As we found we were unable to move freely about the room what with all the weaving paraphernalia cluttering the place up, I sold my 3m circumference mill.

There followed a sad time when I didn't have a mill, and had to wind my baby blanket warp on to my board. I really don't like warping boards, there are too may pegs to go round. Having taken advice, and thinking long and hard - this is my replacement model.

It did very well with my latest warp - I believe a mix of linen and silk, not sure because the cone had no label.

This mill, which is from LeClerc and NEW! - I am its first owner, is much smaller, and it folds flat. We are using the extra space in the dining room for spontaneous displays of contemporary/ modern dance, whenever a catchy tune happens to come up on the radio.

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