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Wednesday, May 07, 2008

Hamble the reed sleyer

Here is my loom's reed, suspended horizontally, for "ease" of sleying. I'm only six inches short of the finishing line. Out of thirty-eight inches.

All the warp threads have to be individually threaded through the reed, which is like a big comb - this one is set at sixteen spaces per inch.

I'm preparing for a baby blanket, boucle wool, in double weave, two fabrics woven simultaneously, each at eight ends per inch. I hope it will end up as a chequerboard pattern - but who knows? I have already got confused about the colours. There are two blues and two purples, threaded in two inch blocks but I think that only every other square will be completely dark blue or completely light blue, and the others will be a mix. And ditto for the purple. But I could be wrong there. It is not really the sort of thing my brain copes with easily so I shall call it an experiment.



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