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Sunday, February 25, 2007

Weaving loomatic

Well I have not blogged for a while - I've been busy weaving of course. But now there is some big loom news I couldn't bear to keep from you.

Here is a picture of my new loom and a picture of one of the metal adjusters which are a part of this loom's genius. It also has warp and cloth beams which, like Popeye, have been strengthened with iron.

This is the loom I had been looking out for these last few months. I can now weave rugs, as well as lighter fabrics. It is a bit too wide for me but maybe it is possible to weave wide without a fly shuttle device - I shall find out.

In case you are wondering, it is a Swedish countermarche, eight shaft loom. It was designed by Ulla Cyrus in the 1940s. I am currently dipping into Ulla Cyrus' book about handweaving which is proving very useful for assembling a dismantled loom. I don't think these looms are made any more, the Glimakra Standard loom is probably its closest relative. My loom is now on its third owner. It is probably getting on for sixty years old and has the appearance of having led an interesting life so far and looking forward to lots more weaving projects. I hope we shall become great friends.

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  • At 01 March, 2007 14:47, Anonymous Elizabeth said…

    I must say the metal thing looks like a torture device, perhaps to oik people's eyes out. Hopefully you won't be using it for these purposes.

    And very jealous of the snow

  • At 20 March, 2007 16:47, Blogger Irene Adler said…

    Elizabeth, you don't need a metal thing for that, as you know.

  • At 04 June, 2010 16:49, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Those looms are still made. Do a
    Google search for Oxaback if you haven't already! See Vav Magasinet -- the Swedish Weaving magazine (comes in English, too!). Oxaback has an ad in each quarterly edition.

    Rose Toubes in Des Moines, Iowa


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