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Thursday, June 01, 2006

New shoes

I decided I had to do something about my legs. They are growing, but alas not in length. Either I give up chocolate or I take up running, I told myself. So today I went into Reading and bought a pair of New Balance running shoes. I was pleased with my purchase because the label says they are made in the UK. So they won't have been transported across the world and, hopefully, won't have been made in a sweat shop. But who knows? However, now I wonder if they are not perhaps a little too small.

I did actually do a tiny run in them when I got home. So if they are too small it's too bad because I can't take them back now - they are covered in mud.

I was out in my new shoes for twenty minutes and possibly I was running for almost ten minutes. The rest of the time I was staggering along in pain at a walking pace. I shall have another go tomorrow or maybe Saturday and shall report back just to keep you informed.


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