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Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Logcabin weave

Next up we have a new weave (well all weaves are new to me) which uses two colours and is called logcabin. I chose it because I saw a small sample of it in the V&A's Modernism exhibition. It was in a handwoven swatch book for a travelling salesman although apparently the actual commisions would have been woven on a mechanised loom. Anne Field warns that this weave can be dazzling. Having no wish to be dazzled I have chosen two shades of beige. This might be too subtle, but I think the effect will be more obvious when the cloth is removed from the loom.

I had woven two inches when I discovered a sleying error. I had threaded the reed perfectly for the first half of the warp but then what was a strict single-double alternating sleying pattern degenerated into a mainly double and sometimes triple warp being threaded through the dents. I had just started up one of those twenty-f0ur hour colds for the relevant portion of the reed sleying and the balance of my mind must have been temporarily disturbed rather more than it usually is.

By the bye, I have been pleasantly surprised at my reaction to these weaving setbacks. Normally I might well have thrown a tantrum. For weaving knockbacks, however, I just smile stoically and feel pleased that my little sum of weaving knowledge must have been added to.


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