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Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Joy unbounded -

(apart from a small knot).

I was overwhelmed with pride when I took this article off the loom. Although it does have a small knot in the warp, this did not cause me any problems during the weaving and the finished work has much neater edges than my first piece.

I was thrilled to note that my loom modifications were successful and this scarf has no gappy weft where it had missed the warp strands. I had blu-tacked some small pieces of ironmongery (nuts and bolts mainly) to one of the shafts to balance it and now they all go up and down almost perfectly. I also added some little hooks to each of the chains suspending the shafts so the shafts drop down further. This means the shed is lower, and in fact in the correct place, which in turn means that I can, if I so wish, run my shuttle over the shuttle race, which action I could not do before - the race being a half inch too low.

My next project is slightly more complicated - another scarf but a little narrower as I am fearful of running out of thread. I will acquaint you of its progress when there is news.


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