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Thursday, April 20, 2006

Handweaving number three.

This took me only 24 hours to warp up so I am improving. I thought I would try a few different twills. This scarf is a bit thinner as I was using the last of the chenille. The next project will be purple.

You may be able to see: Swiss twill, twill and plain, alternating, 3/1 ribs and some zig-zags.

In case you did not know, let me quote you from Anne Field's "The four-shaft table loom":

"A twill weave forms the weft threads into a diagonal line. It is usually a balanced weave, but as it has fewer intersections than a plain weave, it is sett closer, and is a more flexible cloth."

I had not read that bit about it being sett closer and so my sett is not closer but it still seemed to work. I put 12 threads to the inch and I suppose I should have put 18 but that seems too many. I should have wound the threads round a ruler for an inch in the proportion two warp for every weft and then counted the warp threads. But I didn't, alack.


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