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Wednesday, August 10, 2005

Uses of Religion

Well, I waved off my two daughters on the rail-air link to Heathrow this morning. They've gone to Switzerland with my parents to visit my brother and his partner and their two young sons.

The reason for the visit is a Christening, which will take place in France as Danielle is French (well, some people are).

It is interesting, I think, to note the continuing popularity of Christenings, even for the offspring of parents who are not married to each other. We are godparents to two children, neither of whose parents are church attenders. I wonder why they are so keen to have a Christening. Maybe it is just to have a party, or maybe they have some deep-seated fear that actually all this religion is important after all, and their child's young life needs protecting in some mystical way.

What do you think? I will add that my own two children are unchristened. We are not church goers. Anyway I won't go on, for fear of giving offence.


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