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Tuesday, August 09, 2005

Holdiay reading matter

I am always interested to see what books are lining the shelves of the holiday cottages we stay in. They are a combination of what the owners have furnished (this is usually a selection of National Trust publications, with advice on how to preserve the ancestral christening gown), and books previous occupants have left behind. Sometimes, more interestingly, they are the relics of previous inhabitants of the property from a time before tourism overtook their dwelling.

Last week there were three shelves, presumably aiming to cater for all tastess. The first shelf was confined to the works of Frances Parkinson Keyes, the second was entirely taken up by Enid Blyton (to be more specific, The Famous Five opus), and the third was a selection of local guide books of historical interest only.

My eleven year old had finished her two library books (39 Steps, Hound of the B's - can you detect my influence on her choices?) and resorted to the middle shelf. "Five Go Off In A Caravan" caused us much merriment, and invention, thinking up new more apposite titles for future stories. Possibly our favourite was "Five Go Off In Their Nest Under the Shed" - and may I apologise to all rat loving readers if that seems in poor taste.


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