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Thursday, July 28, 2005

Planning, preparation, assessment.

If teachers weren't required to do so much of this they wouldn't need extra time to do it, and that strikes me as a better response to the problem of TOO MUCH WORK.

I cannot see the benefit, for example, of making an annual written report to parents on children's progress in anything apart from numeracy and litercacy, and maybe any subject they specially excell in - eg art/music/sport. Leaving out 36 (one class of primary school children) comments on geography, history, PE, IT, DT, PSHE, music etc in the annual report writing fest would surely help.

I also think, that apart from maths and English, the strict lesson planning requirements could usefully be relaxed and wouldn't everyone be so much happier. And maybe the resulting lessons would be more inspired and original - who knows?


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