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Monday, January 10, 2005

Internet shopping for food

I always feel so smug when I complete my shopping order on the computer. I can more or less order everything we need in the way of groceries in twenty minutes these days.

Of course I don't feel quite so smug when the delivery arrives and there's no milk or they say they've run out of butter because the particular own brand I ordered is out of stock and they bring me margarine although of course there's bound to be at least one packet of Anchor left surely and don't even get me started on swapping non-organic meat for the desired organic stuff.

They've also been fielding my (frequent) e-mail complaints with what I feel is an all too cavalier attitude. For example - a complaint that a litre of long-life orange juice was infested with flies/pupae only provoked a derisory refund of the exact value of the damaged goods. No regard for my sensitivity, the sleepless nights reliving that gruesome discovery. Had they forgotten the snail in the ginger beer saga well loved by GCSE law students?

Still, I shall keep the faith - as a non-driver shopping this way is brilliant, and they don't charge for delivery.


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