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Wednesday, January 05, 2005

A happy new year to you all.

Having just crawled out from under the eiderdown, I discover it is now 2005 and I need to blog.

One reason (excuse) I've thought of for not blogging more is that I can never remember my secret code words to log in. So sometimes maybe I would have blogged, say at work for instance, but didn't have my notebook with it all written in to hand.

Over the last few weeks I have become fascinated with e-bay. I like to watch the items and their prices and how well the sellers are doing - great for wasting time. I even bought something (a lithograph by Edward Bawden, since you ask).

Am considering joining Amazon's DVD library. Can then watch all those films I missed, first at the cinema (for the VERY recent ones, you understand), and then on the tele. For £7.99 a month I can see the films I want without having to clutter my house up with purchases. They've got Children of the Stones, Dead of Night (which has just been revived, whatever that means), Blowup, Sex and Lucia, etc etc - none of which I would wish to own and none of which are available in our corner shop. Just need to buy the DVD player and I'll be there.

Anyway, must dash - got some skirting board to paint.



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