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Saturday, December 11, 2004

No excuse

First let me say how ashamed I am to see that the whole of November came and went and I hadn't blogged once. I know what one of my new year's resolutions should be, at least.

I have missed the www.rereviewed.com blog since mid November - what has happened? I stumbled upon this site when following a google link on Eric Ravilious. It was the first blog site I had seen and I liked the comments the bloggers had made on ER - although a puzzle about an alleged code in a pictorial alphabet remains unsolved. (By the bye - when I looked at a bit of the Wedgewood Alphabet ware at the Imperial War Museum in January this year I think I saw the Y and Z upside down. Did I imagine this or perhaps I'd misunderstood pottery processes .... or maybe the inversion was significant. Hmm Watson, I'll light my eighth pipe and ponder.

Have just got back from a concert in Abingdon - was admiring the medieval ceiling of St Helen's church there - apparently its been restored recently. A Victorian vicar's daughter painted over some of the pictures of the "tree of Jesse" - I wondered what she could have been thinking of.

Well, its late, I see so bonne nuit mes amis.


  • At 05 January, 2005 21:29, Anonymous Anonymous said…

    Sorry to go AWOL for a while. As you can see, both Rogue Semiotics and The Deep North are back and busy.

    All the best,

    Jon at rereviewed.com


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