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Thursday, January 01, 2009

Dyeing experiment

Perhaps you would like to see some pictures of my second experiment in dyeing - these are 1g samples of silk noil in 66 beakers, changing colour in three directions, each with different proportions of red, blue and green (from Ann Milner's book again)

I am still waiting for them to dry so I can put them on a piece of card and then maybe I shall choose some colours to dye my scarf warp and weft that I've got prepared.



  • At 06 January, 2009 20:00, Blogger Dorothy said…

    Oh well done Irene - this is something I hope to do as it seems like the best way to get to know your dye colours. I hadn't realised I might need a large collection of cups for the project. I hope you will show us the results ;)

    Happy New Year.

  • At 07 January, 2009 18:37, Blogger Peg in South Carolina said…

    I did this a long time ago with MX dyes on cotton. I was a wonderful learning experience. I have not done it with my Lanaset acid dyes, though I have done lots of other dyeing experiments.

  • At 07 January, 2009 20:23, Anonymous Irene said…

    Dorothy, Peg,

    Well it took me all day, but it was enjoyable! And the colours look quite good.


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