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Sunday, April 29, 2007

Amazing success

I thought I had taken on more than I could manage and that this was doomed, but it seems to be going fantastically well.

After a lot of trouble - the putting onto the loom has taken at least two weeks (of course that was in the bits of time that were spare when not at work, doing household chores etc) - the weaving is finally underway.

The challenge was that this is 50" wide on the loom at 16 ends per inch (800 ends). The wool warp is about 108" long if I remember correctly, wound alternately blue then green two threads at a time in four batches. It is on eight shafts, but a straight 12345678 threading. It has a purple wool weft which is too thin so I have got a shuttle with space for two pirns and that seems to be working just fine. I have tried to wind two threads together on the same bobbin in the past and it just ended in tears.

The draw in is a bit too much I think, at two inches, but I am not sure how to avoid it. At 50" there is not enough room to make a big enough angle with my weft before beating it.

I am sorry that the photo of the actual weaving is a bit blurry - I will post again when I have woven a bit more and when there is more daylight. I really am mightily proud.



  • At 30 April, 2007 19:49, Blogger roggey said…

    wow - I'm stunned, that's a lot of set up! You must be relieved to be done with warping that loom...

    btw, glad you're back =)

  • At 02 May, 2007 13:33, Blogger Irene Adler said…

    Roggey, thank you. Getting that warp on was a real struggle but apart from one thread twisting around its heddle that I hadn't noticed everything is more or less going well!!!


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