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Thursday, April 07, 2005

Please look after this picture (and child).

At the Ashmolean there are two water colours by Eric Ravilious (WWII artist) which are so beautiful and stunning. Unfortunately they are kept in the print room there and you have to ask to look at them. It was lovely to be able to see these pictures unframed and without glass covering them but what if a viewer sneezed horribly - or cried liberally - all over them? These are such wonderful pictures surely they should be protected in a frame and hung on the wall for any Tom Dick or Hamble to come and admire.

By the way, I would like to take this opportunity to apologise to the other people in the print room who all had their heads down working on something deeply absorbing no doubt. I realise that my effusive comments about Ship's Screw and Brickyard must have been utterly distracting and annoying - I am so sorry - I just couldn't help my self.

Something disturbing occurred at home during my absence. Despite all my advice, my younger daughter. who was left unattended for half an hour by my older daughter (in loco p.) ACTUALLY ANSWERED THE DOOR TO A SOLITARY MALE CALLER. I could not believe it - but fortunately (though not before he had ascertained she was alone), he left without incident. I think he was trying to sell something. There is a lesson for us all I think.


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